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We provide consulting services to develop human resources capable of thriving in an era often defined by elements of VUCA (Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity). We encourage people to look inside themselves and create their own solutions, instead of looking for ‘right’ answers.

■ Corporate Training and Instructors’ Training

・Corporate training development

・Consulting for human development

・Curriculum development

・Training for instructors


Logical × design × Artistic thinking

For learning skills, especially pointing out from general skill, we believe to become a highly skilled global human resource, you need 3 mindsets; Logical thinking, Design thinking, and Artistic thinking. Learners should try to use these mindsets for different purposes. We provide and design curriculum that learners are asked to obtain those mindsets.

Three mindset

Use Liberal Arts + Technology as Learning Material

To obtain the 3 mindsets, we will introduce liberal arts and technology to give chance and greater possibility to expand learners thinking.
Liberal Arts + Technology

3 Steps to Become a Creative Learner

Depending on the desired content, learners level or goals, program steps and/or flow will be customized.

Learning of 3 Steps

Collaborative Approach

We are a hub that designs highly customized solutions using high-quality original content working in collaboration with partners who share our vision.

Collaborative Approach

Range & Flow of Service

Service Flow

First, we will discuss our clients needs and explore several options then propose a plan which would best meet their expectations.

A prototype will be developed with careful consideration of our learners needs, goals, and particular situations. We then evaluate our pilot lesson with our clients.

If necessary, we will update our program to better meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Based on feedback from our clients we will continue to refine our program to ensure their needs and expectations are continuously met.

※Given is an example. Depending on the situation and the proposal, dividing or compiling phases, needing of prototyping, etc. will be decided.